Forming on the Northern Beaches in 2017, Inklines got themselves off to a fast start. In a few short years, they have twice embarked across the country, released two EP’s and supported Aussie veterans British India on tour.
Through these endeavours, Inklines have quickly generated a passionate following with their unique take on the sounds of alt-rock. Their debut EP, Willing & Able, captured all the atmosphere, theatre and drama reminiscent of the genre’s most prominent flag-bearers; from Silverchair to Bends-era Radiohead. 

The release of their 2019 single 'Too Much', demonstrated a band that had truly honed their craft and mastered their sound. The song received generous airplay on SiriusXM in USA/Canada, opening the band to a new audience. 
With no intent to slow down, Jan 2020 saw the release of 'Wherever You Go', closely followed by 'Violet' in April 2020.

Inklines make their return with ‘Blossom’ - a track that kicks things up an extra notch as their first release for 2021.

As the band’s first in a string of new music drops planned for this year, ‘Blossom’ is a touchstone for the band in terms of their creative progression and maturity. Last year saw Inklines introduce themselves further to audiences with the release of their Book Club EP and here, we see the next chapter for the trio properly flourish.

Inklines are: Will Tremain, Tom Bowden and Daniel Mulroney.

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